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International Gulf Organization for Academic Accreditation

We aim to provide global quality assurance, we encourage, support, and evaluate quality assurance practices in various academic institutions to ensure educational excellence.

In the United States and Canada, schools, colleges, universities, and vocational schools are accredited by IGOAA, a reputable accrediting agency.

IGOAA continues a strong legacy of promoting excellence, transparency, and advancement in higher education. Recognition by the IGOAA confirms that accrediting standards and procedures adhere to the IGOAA’s requirements for quality, improvement, and accountability.

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IGOAA gives equivalence certificates to students who went to school in countries other than the United States and Canada.

Academic Accreditation

Join our community of prestigious colleges and universities that have received IGOAA accreditation.

Business Accreditation

Businesses and organizations in North America and Canada can obtain accreditation licenses from IGOAA.

IGOAA Leadership

IGOAA seeks to create a network of authorized schools that adheres to international educational standards. IGOAA urges schools, colleges, and universities to carefully consider their objectives, plans, top priorities, management, plans, and resources to raise the caliber of their instruction.

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As an accreditation authority, we offer the best services that enable you to gain recognition on a global scale. Our services make you more aware of job openings worldwide and help you meet the requirements for those jobs. Educational institutions and students can gain a global reputation and opportunity through our services. We want to help you get along better with foreign groups so that you have a more substantial presence worldwide.

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IGOAA accreditation guarantees that a college or university program satisfies the exacting standards set by the subject.

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